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Firewall with AI Cybersecurity


The Security Black Box!

$9999.00 + 1 Month (Free Shipping)
9.99/monthly remote Cybersecurity link (Required)

Introducing our unique one of a kind ground-breaking cloud-linked cybersecurity router/firewall, built to help safeguard your network with serious cyber protection. While FWaaS (Firewall as a Service) resemble just a overcrowded managed VPN with a control panel, our advanced (Non-VPN) solution surpasses that by effectively blocking a wide range of threats that often go undetected on all your frequently used standard internet connections that are extremely exploited and scanned frequently regardless of your use of FWaaS / VPN’s. In fact you can use this box and your FWaaS + any VPN’s. Take advantage of this state-of-the-art solution and fortify your network with unrivaled cybersecurity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate the security of your network!

Note: Cancel of the monthly service fee can render firewall in-operational a
n additional $100 service fee will apply to remove our hard linked server connections upon monthly service cancel.

If using built in WiFi on your providers provided equipment that will need disabled and a new external WiFi router will be required.
* Remote Worker Friendly.
* Each device is licensed for a single IP (DHCP or STATIC).
* AI back-end is hunting the bad guys 24 / 7 / 365

CPU • Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 64-Bit Processor, Main Frequency Speeds Up To 1.5GHz
GPU • Mali-450MP2 • Supports OpenGL ES 1.0/2.0
Memory 1GB LPDDR3
Onboard Storage • Micro-SD Card (Main OS) • 16MB SPI Flash
Onboard Network • 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet (YT8531C) • 10M/100M/1000M USB Ethernet (RTL8153B)
Power Source USB Type-C Interface 5V/2A Input
Button 1x Reset Button
LED Power LED & Status LED
OS Real-Time Domain Name & IP Blacklisting directly from our threat center.
Encrypted DNS Lookups – Helps prevent man in the middle attacks on all devices connected to this!
Forced DNS Redirect to prevent ransomware direct DNS query’s!
Geo-Fencing is available (Not enabled by default)
Support Basic Factory Image Support (Lifetime Included) – incidents or customization billed per hour.
WIFI = NO No built in Wifi on this box please connect to switching or external wifi router in bridge mode for the best results.
Devices Supported ALL
Blocked # IP + Domain Names Totals updated on HomePage (Daily)
iGuardPro stands out from competitors with its unique features and protection against advanced hackers. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it goes beyond name-based detection by cataloging home IP addresses of these hackers worldwide.

The real-time link to iGuardPro’s exclusive anti-threat security network ensures constant vigilance. Furthermore, its completely made-in-the-USA threat detection systems provide solid defense against domestic and foreign malware, ransomware, and even big tech analytics redirection link exploits.

Companies that opt for the Rapid Response custom control panel gain additional blocking capabilities. Hackers are  frustrated at attempts to penetrable the defenses.

iGuardPro prioritizes user privacy over big tech profit, effectively blocking intrusive ads, redirection links, and exploitative analytics. Located in the Midwest, it offers dependable support in English with a touch of class.

iGuardPro, LLC also offers a secure solution for sending attachments via email. With their encrypted cloud linked attachments, password protected and self destructing emails, clients can ensure the security of their sensitive information. It is recommended to avoid sending attachments via conventional email, as it poses a significant security risk. Instead, iGuardPro, LLC provides a reliable and professional alternative. By using our services, clients can rest assured that their attachments are protected with the latest encryption technology. iGuardPro, LLC is dedicated to offering secure and convenient options for clients to send and receive confidential information. With their expertise in data protection, they provide peace of mind and a professional approach to security.


Includes firewall and authorizes (1) monthly license to our remote AI cybergrid that hunts DNS/IP’s of hackers worldwide.
$9,999.00 (setup fee)