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Unmatched AI Security

Experience next-generation proprietary AI and a robust design that provides complete network protection. Gain exclusive access to our cloud protection nodes, which are diligently programmed to offer ultimate security to our clients. Our cybersecurity solutions go above and beyond the standard approaches followed by big tech trends. We continuously disrupt threats 24/7 with our state-of-the-art cybersecurity-enabled firewalls, policy implementation, and team building training tailored specifically for your staff. Trust us to safeguard your networks like no one else can.

Additional Services Available (Not Included With Firewalls)

Helping to Keep You Safe
From Cyber Crimes

Business Analysis

Our EDR is on the lookout, and can email you upon any high level alerts. We can even help you lockdown company emails with custom policy to prevent a majority of attacks.

  • Keep users accountable
  • Know all about your machines
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Machine Learning

Our custom blocking algorithms  links to our advanced cloud systems operating on many devices simultaneously.

  • DNS Name and IP Blocks
  • Extremely Unique Method.

At iGuardPro we offer, state-of-the-art name/ip security service solutions, along with sound company policy's and consulting services to help prevent massive cyber-warfare!

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Data Analysis

Enterprise-ready security monitoring solution for threat detection, integrity monitoring, incident response and compliance.

  • Alert IT fast
  • Monitor Everything

Our process collects, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes security data to increase your threat detection

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365 coverage for your entire corporate footprint, protecting and alerting against the best hackers in the world.

  • Years of Proven Success
  • Training for your staff!


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