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Mastering AI Cyber Security: To help protect business data.

Celebrating 4 Years of Pioneering Rock Solid Business Cyber Attack Deterrence.

Efficiency and Effectiveness


Real-Time Threat Detection


Automated Incident Response


Comprehensive Risk Assessment


Offers round-the-clock hacker monitoring with our custom AI-driven cybersecurity expertise.
Enterprise consulting, solving the toughest corporate IT challenges.
AI Continuous Learning: Evolves and improves with more data and interactions.
Our services may save our clients millions in prevented exploits, legal fees, and cyber insurance claims.
Identifies anomalies in web transactions and cybersecurity threats proactively.
Link your exisiting networks DNS/IP blacklist to our secure AI data centers for unparalleled protection, providing truly exceptional security.
Implementing our real-time firewalls featuring integrated encrypted DNS and IP blocking capabilities, ensuring secure connections for both in-office and remote employees working from home. (optional)
Disaster Recovery: Cost-Effective Solutions with In-House Kansas Datacenters, protected by iGuardPro!

Features Overview


Automatically block access to malicious sites with our robust blacklisted IP and DNS filtering.

AI Power

Leverage next-gen security with our AI-powered solutions—unlike anything ever made.

Made in USA

Experience unparalleled security with our in-house team of experts, never outsourced.

Benefits of Our Protection

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Cutting through the clutter—no trackers, no ads, no exploitation.

June 1, 2024

Your data is at risk because of antiquated hardware...

June 1, 2024